Worte zu meiner Arbeit

  • Die Behandlungen bei Mandy waren eine wundervolle Erfahrung für mich. Mit ihrer sanften und intuitiven Herangehensweise ermöglichte sie mir einen tiefen Einblick in meine Blockaden und Emotionen aus der Vergangenheit. Ihre einfühlsame Art schuf eine unterstützende Atmosphäre, in der ich mich sicher und verstanden fühlte. Mandy hat mir geholfen, ein tieferes Verständnis für mich selbst zu entwickeln und den Weg zur Heilung zu finden. Ich bin dankbar für die transformative Erfahrung und kann Mandy als einfühlsame und professionelle Heilerin sehr empfehlen!
    Sabine Münch
  • Thank you, Mandy, for sharing your beautiful and magical gift!!! And I say magical because the feeling I get when seeing my own auric drawing…is so profoundly powerful! It allows me to see my true essence, my higher self…and you captured that beauty that rejuvenates my soul. It’s as if my drawing comes to life to remind me of who I am. But, this is not only what I feel for my drawing…it also happens when I see your Instagram drawings. Especially the ones where you are actively drawing them…it’s like I can feel that person’s beauty with every movement from the stroke of your paintbrush to paper. That is where I can feel, almost taste, the connection of all we are. Beautiful light souls that I recognize on another level. Thank you again, for sharing this gift with the world, and exposing just how beautiful we really are!!! Much Love,
    Jessica Thyr
  • When I received Mandy’s picture I was deeply touched. There was one element in the picture that sprung out triggering a deep emotional response and a reframing from a perceived challenge to a deep recognition of Love for my being here on this Earth. Since then different aspects okf the picture come to life and trigger a question in me or a sense of peace. It feels like a book, all on one page, where I seem to be drawn to different pages at different times. The picture is like a gentle reminder to what’s there and what wants to be seen and activated. It feels like a road map and journey at the same time nudging me gently into more expansion and curiosity of what wants to be allowed more. My picture has the quality of playfulness and lightheartedness. I feel peaceful when I look at it, like sitting in a bubble bath feeling encouraged to be nurtured and be me. Thank you Mandy, I love this reminder in my house.
    Zoana Gepner Mueller
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